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Right Product Right Acre

Pioneer has over 516 corn and 229 soybean trials in Minnesota and Wisconsin to help position the right product on the right acre along with the knowledge gained from over 40 years combined experience between Dave and Justin. 

Crop Insurance

Keep your crops protected with multi-peril & hail protection services provided by an insurance company there to fit your needs.

Light Field Scouting

Let us help out with some of those difficult fields to help you make decisions.

Variable Rate Planting and Fertilizer Application

Let us help make your variable rate planting and fertilizer application prescriptions. We will use our software to analyze your yield maps and soil types to help you maximize every dollar on your operation.

Field Mapping

Have online access and printed reports of your fields, as-planted, soil maps, soil test results, sprayer maps, fertilizer maps and harvest maps for no extra charge! As well as access to advanced analytical data to help you manage fertility in your fields. 

Yield Checks and Calibrations

We have three calibrated weigh wagons and pad scales to help calibrate your harvester, as well as documenting yield in your fields.

Free Anytime Product Delivery

Seven days a week seed delivery so that you can have your product when you need it; without having to leave the farm.

Crop Protection Services

We are now servicing all of your crop protection needs. As Corteva certified crop protection dealer; We offer a wide array of products to fit all of your crop protection needs.

Premium Seed Treatments

DuPont Pioneer offers an array of different seed treatments on corn and soybeans to help make the most of every seed. Not only does Pioneer offer these treatments but Bauer's Seeds and Service treats soybean seed for all of your in season needs.

Agronomy Services

Take advantage of Pioneer's wealth of knowledge through our Growing Point app, and on farm help from our field agronomists, product spectialists, and dairy specialists.

Free Returns

We know fall seed orders don't always line up with spring weather. With DuPont Pioneer you can rest assured your returns will be reimbursed.

Encirca Services

Take advantage of the wide array of services provided by encirca, to combine your data with our precision tools to improve efficiency and increase profitability on your operation.

Yield Hero

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David Bauer: DuPont Pioneer Sales Rep & Certified Crop Consultant

Justin Bauer: DuPont Pioneer Sales Rep, Certified Crop Consultant & Crop Insurance Agent

Tyler Niebur: Dupont Pioneer Sales Rep & Encirca Certified Services Agent

(From Right to left in the picture)